A Singularity
Writing Time: Everlasting #79

Writing Time: Everlasting #79

Writing Session

Word Count: 365
Consecutive Daily Writing Count: 89
Magic Spreadsheet Points: 3,908

Been a while. Sorry about that. As you can see I’ve added two new metrics. Consecutive Daily Writing Count (CDWC) is how many days consecutively I’ve written at least two hundred and fifty words. It’s related to the Magic Spread Sheet I talked about last post. Which brings me to Magic Spreadsheet…

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Comic: とうちゃん “Daddy” by 真吉 “Shinkichi”

Comic: とうちゃん “Daddy” by 真吉 “Shinkichi”

A comic has been making the rounds in Tumblr that was is both sad and incredibly sweet. Translated from a Japanese comic, I highly recommend this for fans of the Pokemon series, I highly recommend reading it below. Warning, you may catch a few tears in your eyes.

とうちゃん by 真吉 Daddy by Shinkichi



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Comic Links: Selkie, Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive

Comic Links: Selkie, Girls with Slingshots, Something Positive

Selkie: 2013-12-31: #417

Hehe. I love how enthusiastic the doctor is in the second to last panel.

Girls With Slingshots: 2014-01-10: #1174

I want this to happen to me some day, just so I can use that same joke.

Something Positive: 2013-01-13: The Wedding Album pt 6/Old Familiar Faces XII pt 1

Look at how adorably grumpy she is!

PHD Comics: The Higgs Boson Re-Explained

This is an excellent, if…

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Writing Time: Everlasting #78

Writing Time: Everlasting #78

Writing Session

Word Count: 329

I’ve been a little bad at these huh? Well the good news is I can make up for that by reporting some really awesome numbers. Okay that above word count might not look so awesome, but wait till you see below. Okay fine I’ll spoil it now. So in the last sixty-four days, I’ve written a grand total of nineteen thousand, two hundred and forty or so words on Everlasting.…

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Weird Word: Glabella

Weird Word: Glabella

Glabella Noun
  • (anatomy) The space between the eyebrows and the nose.
  • (zoology) The axial protuberance on the cephalon of certain arthropods (especially trilobites)
Example Usage:

“You have a little something-” “On my mouth? Oh, how embarrassing.” “No, um-” “On my dress? Oh dear!” “Not exactly-” “Well then where?!” “Your glabella.” “I will not be talked to that way!” “No, Ma’am, its your face-”…

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Weird Word: Satorial

Weird Word: Satorial

Satorial Adjective
  • Of or relating to the tailoring of clothing.
  • Of or relating to the quality of dress
Example Usage:

“Look all I’m saying is that Florthians place an emphasis on satorial manners, being a race which communications exclusively through the visible spectrum. Which means we’re wearing the jackets, regardless of how much they make us look like an Olympic team competing for the most…

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Sexism in SFWA (and the world)

Sexism in SFWA (and the world)

You don’t have to look very far these days to see sexism but you do have to know what you are looking for. The problem is that most of us are effectively blind to it, both because it is kept behind close doors and  because it is hiding in plain sight. And when people, particularly women, call attention to it, they’re often labeled misogynist, or simply told to “laugh it off”. Even when sexism is…

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Weird Word: Reification
Reification Noun
  • The consideration of an abstract thing as if it were concrete, or of an inanimate object as if it were living.
  • The consideration of a human being as an impersonal object.
Example Usage:

“Your reficiation of the chairs in this lab are…

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Video: Crapshots Ep116 - The Deathblow

Video: Crapshots Ep116 – The Deathblow

Why did he move!? Now he’s going to die!!

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Weird Word: Austere
Austere Adjective
  • Grim or severe in manner or appearance
  • Lacking trivial decoration; not extravagant or gaudy
Example Usage:

The orb was anything but austere, covered in nobs, scratches, markings, and somewhat artistic designs, brightly colored in as…

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