A Singularity
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Video: Lovely Owl



Just a video of some cute owls. And one rather grumpy looking one.

Video: Lil’ Drac



So adorable. I grew up near a wildlife preservation park that had a bat sanctuary. I regularly helped feed the baby bats there. They were so adorable, even when they mistook your fingers for food or flew around and pooped on you. Bats really do have different personalities. Red Baron loved to dive bomb people. Flower and Daisy were cuddle buddies and did almost everything together. Forrest was the dumbest and laziest bat in existence and almost drowned himself repeatedly in his own water bowl after falling asleep in it and rarely ever wanted to climb up to the ceiling to roost, preferring to have one of us lift him up there.

Kitty Pettin’ Time!
Kitty hugging time!