A Singularity
Comic Links: xkcd, Something Positive, Marlowe, Joy of Tech

xkcd #877: Beauty

I’m reminded of Lab Pet.

Something Positive: 2011-03-11: Out There

Sorry. There’s a law that says I have to post every comic that has the blue thing, AKA Fluffmodeus.

Marlowe The Monsters: I’ll Feed You Until You Love Me

Gotta love a female monster with a plan.

The Joy of Tech: 2011-04-01

Like buttons really were an incredibly good idea.

Comic Links: Yellow Peril, YAFGC, AoSG, Marlowe the Monster

Introducing a new comic to our Comic Links articles. Yellow Peril! A strip comic focusing on two corporate wage slaves, from which hilarity always ensues.

Yellow Peril: 201_04_12:  The Client Is Always… Um…

I am starting to know how this guy feels.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic: #1759: Glon to the Rescue

Points for the reference!

The Adventures of Superhero Girl: 2011-04-22: #41

I am apparently very bad at figuring out if someone is a hipster or not. It’s like

Marlowe the Monster: #42

I like to do this too!